Find your dream Job in Dubai

Here are your 4 tips for your job search strategy.

1) Network with those already on site

The best sources of information for those who live outside the country they are targeting are those who are already there. They have experienced the difficulties to achieve their goal and are therefore your best advisers.

Get a list of 8000 employers in Dubai along with person to contact, email, phone No. and other useful information. The eBook will show you a “Back Door” strategy where you can use just a fraction of this list and get a job interview within 2 or 3 days.

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    2) Prospect your job in Dubai from abroad

    Here are some sites of job offers in Dubai to record in your favorites and your tools of watch: ,, , the list is not exhaustive! In anticipation of your interviews, also think about specifying the date you arrive on the spot and to buy a local mobile chip to be reachable.

    3.) Adopt the right attitude in maintenance

    A tip about your dress: Not knowing the religion of your interlocutor in this cosmopolitan environment, it is better to cover your legs and arms. Your best assets will be your level of English and your ability to adapt. Know how to put them forward!

    4) Check your employment contract

    When signing your contract, pay attention to what the company offers you. Check especially if it is attached to medical insurance because in Dubai there is no social security .